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2012 August 9 / 2 years ago

omygod. hectic day.

woke up, was going to make pumpkin cupcake/mini-muffins but realized that we were out of eggs. -_________________- went to safeway and got eggs, came back. got the cupcakes done. and then i had to go to the doctor’s to get an hpv shot. my appointment was at 11…. i got there at 11. i didn’t go into an exam room until 12:05. and then the doctor came in at 12:15, and i was done two minutes later. -___________- omygodddddddd. and my arm hurt hella. 

and then i ran a red light because i didn’t even see the traffic signals above the street. or maybe i just unconsciously saw yellow turn to red but thought it was yellow. idk. wth. so this guy honked me because he was turning in, but we really weren’t that close because he had barely even crossed the crosswalk.  whatever.

was late to work, but i called in, so it was okay, i guess. omygod. my babies…<3 the teachers were all nice to me, haha. they all loved the cupcakes, yay. and i gave the kids the fingerpaints, which deborah loved cuz she’s been wanting something for them to get even more hands-on with. heehee. basically had russell in my lap all day,i’m seriously gonna miss him. if i go back next year… he’s going to be running around! omg. and saying goodbye to all the parents as they picked up the kids… T_T apparently, penny’s mom was at muir at sd! haha funsies.

before i left, my boss walked me to her car and gave me a present. it’s a necklace and earring and watch set. awhhhhh :’)

i’m really going to miss everyone at new world-kids, teachers, even parents. it’s been a wonderful experience, opportunity, and will be a summer i won’t forget. <3

2012 August 8 / 2 years ago

had a very very nice morning - he came over :)

went to work, managed to get russell to finish his bottle, got madison to shush, calmed down abby, and changed connor when he got up.

got penny and elizabeth to eat at snack time. it was a pretty uneventful afternoon, i guess. not much happened. oh. when connor’s mom came to pick him up, we ALL spent like half an hour trying to get him to eat cuz he hasn’t eaten all day, and he’s getting on a plane to hawaii tonight. and he wouldn’t eat. it was crazy. he finally ate a couple goldfish, but, at one point, his mom was going to feed penny just to see if he’d take the bait. lol. 

went over to the preschool room, they’re really so sweet over there. got a hug from cooper as he was leaving, ate all their leftover tortilla chips, and then played with theoren and jianna and them. only four were left when we went outside. played with them all. they’re all so sweet and well-meaning, even if they are childishly selfish (well, they are children). i’m really going to miss them. 

like, really. :( 
tomorrow is my last day of work. :( 

i went over to toys’r’us to pick up some stuff for the baby room. i got them fingerpaint, jumbo crayons, and a book. :) heehee. 
except that on my way out of the parking lot, some bitch almost t-boned my car and then tried to blame me for it. my god. i couldn’t breathe. her car was so fucking close to mine….  alskdjfakl;dskjfj;alskdfa;jslkfakls;fkajsafsa

2012 August 7 / 2 years ago

  • everyone meet my baby.

  • 2012 August 7 / 2 years ago

    finished the judas strain (james rollin) today. it was really good. i’ve found that i love these conspiracy-thriller-action-type books. it’s not just action. it mixes in history and mythology and secrets. that’s the kind of book i like, especially after tasting some of dan brown as a child. james rollin is my kind of guy, for sure. i like how i’m reading his books out of order because they are all part of a series, technically, but oh well. it really doesn’t matter. man, oh, man, i’m hooked. gotta get me some more of my rollin <3

    work was fun. abby likes me nowwww (again). yay. she woke up crying, so i picked her up and held her outside. we watched cars and trucks, and she calmed down pretty fast. she even started talking to me, telling me how shiny the cars were or “wow!” lol. so adorable.
    penny is super sweet, too. connor was leaving today, and she ran to the door (we have a glass door), right after he left, and they kissed each other through the door. heehee, baby romance. she came and hugged me after, and i told her to give me a kiss, and she kissed me on the mouth LOL. like three times. i meant for her to kiss me on the cheek, but.. whatever makes her happy? lol.

    pre-school room was fun today. it was claudia’s birthday, and she showed me pictures of her batman/superhero themed birthday party from yesterday. so cuuutee.. she’s so sweet. the kids were nice to me, too. janice (the same one from his mom’s daycare) talked to me today, omygod. i’m finally doing something right in this world! she used to be so scared around me, omygod. you’d think i woke her up in the middle of a nap and took something away from her. but yay, i think she’s warming up to me. beibei called me silly when we were out on the playground, LOL. he’ll be happy to hear that.
    there were a lot of injuries outside today. sophie hit her cheek against the monkeybar poles, beibei fell down twice, theoren tripped, and amy cut her knee open on the sidewalk. jeezusbejeesuz.

    omygod. two more days of work :’((((((((((((((((((((((((( 

    2012 August 6 / 2 years ago

    abby and penny are back! elizabeth cried and cried and cried and woke connor up. and abby started crying. had to hold russell until he stopped crying, and then madison, and then abby. and then madison, and then russell, and then abby. my dear lord, these kids are so good. you finally think they’ve calmed down, and before you even move a muscle to put them down or to switch positions, they start wailing in your ear again. was a nice day, i guess. i miss jaina. lol. 

    i love the red room kids! heeehee. 
    i can’t believe this is my last week :( 

    2012 August 3 / 2 years ago

    only five kids today. they magically all slept through my entire first shift. the entire day was so slow… really, the only things that ran through my head were about how i’m getting paid to sit and watch babies sleep, and, well, him. 

    snack was meh, ahaan just didn’t really eat. but it was a nice, peaceful afternoon, and i had a good time in the red room and outside. i helped alyssa on the monkey bars, cuz it was her first time in the big playground cuz laurie brought her over. heehee. she’s so cute. 

    but i’m just so exhausted and drained and tired of being disappointed. i just want him to want to… i don’t know, fight for me. for once. make me feel like he wants to see me, to come over, to, i don’t know, be with me.

    i need less thinking time and more.. not thinking. i can’t think anymore. i’m going to die from overthinking. 

    2012 August 2 / 2 years ago

    i fucking hate today. it got better near the end of work, but still.

    on my way to work, i hit every red light, and then i almost hit this dumb indian guy who was carrying his kid and jaywalking across the intersection on the side without the crosswalk. really? i jaywalk too, but i jaywalk smart. damn. and then elizabeth wakes up crying fifteen minutes after i get there and wakes everyone up. literally. every baby was awake by 130. -___________- and then she wouldn’t stop crying. omygodd. i wanted to cry.

    and then came home to nothing to eat, so i had more boyardee. on my way back to work, some guy came speeding down kennewick and didn’t slow down. i was turning onto it, after stopping (admittedly not for as long as i should) at the stop sign, and he almost hit me. freaking, and then he honked at me and yelled at me as if i was the only one in the wrong. wtf.

    and because they woke up so early, they had snack early, which meant even longer time of nothing. -_____- omygod. my day didn’t start getting better until the twenty minutes before russell left, because i just spent that whole time holding him. he’s so sweet. he’s my favorite baby. i’m gonna be so sad to leave him, by the time i come bac, he’s not just going to be walking, he’s going to be running.

    and then went over to the pre-k playground. carried jianna out, convinced her to come over to the play structure. carried her across the monkey bars, yay. milla and theoren made me their personal playground, lol. but those two siblings are such a joy to be around. 

    sigh. today just sucks. i feel like crying or something. i just feel so worn out and exhausted and.. frustrated. i want to see him, but i don’t think he’s gonna be responding to my text anytime soon. damnit. damnit. damnit. 

    2012 July 31 / 2 years ago

    woke up and watched scooby-doo, then the usa men’s volleyball game against germany. only got to watch the first two sets, but heehee, any bit of anderson and stanley = happy times. 

    there were only five babies today. jason sick with some really weird virus, penelope, jaina, abby still on vacation, connor with his grandma. so it was just ahaan and elizabeth, and then russell, maddy and madison. at snack, managed to feed elizabeth all her food, hehehee. and lol, deborah was super duper proud of being able to feed ahaan all his food. such a quiet, uneventful day. idk if it felt slow or fast… it was just empty. 

    sky and cyan are going off to hawaii, and when they get back, i’ll be gone! :( those girls and their parents are super sweet, i love them. haha. i got to hug nolan today, heehe. he doesn’t give hugs very often.. but he’s leaving! thursday is his last day :((( 

    he texted me to eat dinner with him, so i picked him up at memorial, and we ate at carl’s jr. dropped him off, came home, and watching primetime olympics! :3

    heehee yay for china in diving.

    2012 July 31 / 2 years ago

    he came over in the morning, and we watched olympics together. kayaking is intense…… and us vs brazil womens volleyball was supposed to play at 1030, but it didn’t come on until almost 1130… :( but i still got to watch two sets, yay. happyhappy.

    omg, baby room so empty today. only two in the big room, four in the infant room. crazy. managed to feed ahaan EVERYTHING, and i mean everything. all of his baby food and all of his yogurt. magical day…maddy walked all on her own today. stood up, took a couple steps toward me. omg. als;dkfjaksdfja;sdklfa;jsdfsdla;dsklfj;sla;sdkfajsda wasn’t just a fluke, she managed to walk a quarter of the way across the big room at least twice. :))))))) 
    but russell started to develop a rash on his back, and deborah was convinced that it was infant chicken pox. idk. i noticed some stuff when i was changing him after his bottle leaked all over us when i was feeding him, but then it got bad, i guess. poor baby, he was in a bleh mood all day. :( sneezing and runny nose and really clingy.. :(

    alisa in the pre-k room is a really interesting child. she’s sweet, but the language barrier is still there. it’s getting better though. managed to get through to peter a little bit, but he really starts talking when his mom arrives though. 

    olympics were exciting tonight. yay for china men gymnastics! :) and yay for phelps on redemption :) 

    2012 July 28 / 2 years ago

    jason woke up crying in the middle of naptime because he had a fever… of like 102 or something. he promptly woke everyone else up…. even jaina couldn’t get back to sleep, and she always sleeps until at least 2:30. apparently, though, jason’s parents knew he had a fever last night and brought him in anyways… -___________-

    very slow day, except that everyone threw fits. and poor asher…. :( he scratched so much, even in his sleep. his bedsheets were bloody, and he went through three bibs, and his sleeves still had a lot of blood. :( poor baby..

    shawnese had a hilarious story about the bbq that the pre-k room had today, lol. i’m really gonna miss shawnese when i quit. she’s super sweet and totally genuine and honest and blunt. i love her.

    watched the olympic opening with my mom (and my brother, who left halfway and only came back to watch paul mccartney close it). it was fun. although nothing will ever be as captivating as the beijing opening, this one was pretty interesting. yes, the popular scene of the queen and 007 was one of my favorites. i also loved the parade of nations (yeah, i’m a geography buff), and the torch lighting. and of course, i love paul mccartney. 


    2012 July 26 / 2 years ago

    omygoddddd so much crying today. nonstop. one would cry, make another cry, which would make another cry… omygod. endless chain of crying.

    jason refuses to eat anymore…. ahaan eats a lot more now. russell is starting to get used to eating solid food at day care, yay. cutie. we went outside today, it was nice. we haven’t gone onto the porch in a while..

    i also enjoyed the face painting shawnese was doing for the kids, it was cute.

    went to daiso to get stuff for monzy… ended up getting some stuff for myself too. haha. i love daiso… :3

    2012 July 25 / 2 years ago

    work was interesting. it’s weird without penny, and i love russell. i hate praying mantises and centipedes. and seriously, i’m going to miss the babies and the pre-k’ers and preschoolers when i quit. :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

    went to vf with deannaaa <3 and we had yummy mongolian bbq and then went to sephora and did our nails :3 heeeehehehe i’ve missed my babyyy. i’m glad we had this. heehee it was a good talk.

    2012 July 24 / 2 years ago

    cranky day, head hurt. measg;jkalsd;fa

    it’s so quiet with penny and connor. wow. and there were only 7 kids today. well, 8, if you count toby, who was here for three hours.

    got a cupcake from the red room because marcus’s birthday was today. yummyy.

    came home to an email from my dad saying that the hotel he’s staying at surprised him with a cake for his birthday. wth. my hotels never do that. and i’ve had three birthdays in hotels. i guess it’s too close to christmas for them to care.. T___T


    2012 July 19 / 2 years ago

    double parked when i got to work because the older rooms were still on field trip, so all the teachers and the parent volunteers were parked in the parking lot.. haha. parked in front of monica’s car to so that she couldn’t leave muahahahaha. work was fine, spent half the time in the toddler room. i found out that morgan is an obnoxious, spoiled little brat. also, i’ve missed alyssa. i love my babies though sigh. i’m also really gonna miss shawnese. she’s one of the easiest to talk to, and she’s sweet and funny.

    picked him up because he said he wanted to go with me, got to valley fair. had to pee the entire drive there, omg, so uncomfortable. checked in at the apple store, waited ten minutes, and then the guy looked at it for a while, took it to the back, and came out saying that it’s still in warranty, blahblahblah, so i got my phone replaced for free. yayyyyy thank god.

    we had a giant heaping of mongolian bbq, and then we walked around for a bit. got lost trying to find icing to browse earrings for him. lol. drove home. 

    it was good. we’re going to talk about yesterday at some point, but today was good, and i’lll leave it that way. also, dad just left for a business trip. 

    2012 July 18 / 2 years ago

    went shopping with steeny at macy’s/jcpenney’s/tjmaxx. :)

    got a pair of black skinny jeans and this cute mint shirt with a see-through triangle pattern in the back. also bought him a green vneck, cuz he likes green but doesn’t have any shirts in that color for some reason..

    went to work, oh my babies. being with the babies just makes me so happy. especially russell. agh. my fave. elizabeth woke up screaming, don’t know why. poor baby. 

    went to subway for lunch, drove to cupertino village to see steen and andrew. had a good  conversation. man, i miss andrew. he used to be such a good friend.. and then we stopped talking.

    got back to work, was in the toddler room for some time. morgan is really… spoiled. :( zoe and andre are my favorites, heehee. went back to baby room, sigh. i just realized that i’m probably only going to work for two or three more weeks, tops. and i’m going to miss the babies a lot. actually. like a lot. i don’t want anyone else to work there… but that’s just me being selfish. i might come back next year, especially if i can’t find anything else to do.

    sigh. for once he was making the first move, and then he cancels on me. thanks.. i’m totally feeling loved right now.