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2012 December 5 / 1 year ago
Random Fact #97

(wow i haven’t done this in a long long long time)

i listen to instrumentals (mostly piano) while i write, but only while i write. i can listen to anything else while i edit, while i read, while i study, etc,etc, but when i write it’s pretty much always wordless instrumentals.

2012 May 13 / 2 years ago
Random Fact #96

i wish i knew how to dance.

it’s probably the most physical emotional outlet there is. sure, volleyball helps me forget everything and is an outlet for stress. but what about when i’m sad or distressed or angry  or excited? dancing is like pure emotion translated into the physical world. 

there doesn’t need to be choreography. no specific moves or positions, no certain music. you can dance to whatever you want however you want; that’s the beauty of it. i wish i knew the techniques, even if it’s just a few, to be able to express everything i keep pent up inside. because then instead of violence and pain, i could at least bring a little beauty to the world, if not just to find that peace and balance within.

2012 January 12 / 2 years ago
Random Fact #95

i love potatoes. in nearly every shape or form they come in. no joke. i will rarely turn down potato products. 

2011 November 9 / 2 years ago
Random Fact #94

my favorite flowers are daisies, i think. and then carnations and roses, and then sunflowers and morning glories and poppies.

2011 September 18 / 3 years ago
Random Fact #93

reasons i wish i was rich (& why i want a good-paying job in the future)

1) traveltraveltravel. i want to go everywhere and anywhere. to see the sights, to absorb the people and the culture, and to help where i can. traveling makes me happy.

2) food. if you have lots of money, you can have lots of food. and i like food.

3) charity. or rather, if i was rich, i could volunteer without having to worry about myself. it sounds selfish, but you can’t help others if your own needs aren’t satisfied first. sad, but true.

4) life just has so many more choices when you have money…

yeah, i sound like some spoiled rich kid. or a materialistic bitch. but i’m not rich, and i’m not that materialistic. it’s just something i’ve realized about myself. i don’t want the money to save. i want to use it the minute i get it. i want to make myself and the people around me happy. 

2011 August 9 / 3 years ago
Random Fact #92

i have realized that i love wedding stationery, wedding dresses, wedding pictures. you know what? i should be a wedding planner.

2011 July 18 / 3 years ago
Random Fact #91

i absolutely hate clothes hangers. i detest them; it’s passionate dislike. i’d much rather fold. in fact, i like folding.

2011 July 12 / 3 years ago
Random Fact #90

i love the way british and australian people speak. i love the words they say and the way they say them. 

2011 June 25 / 3 years ago
Random Fact #89

if i had a dslr, i would take it everywhere.

2011 June 2 / 3 years ago
Random Fact #88

i used to eat two apples every day.

2011 June 2 / 3 years ago
Random Fact #87

when i was little, pretty much every disney villain scared the living daylights out of me.

2011 May 30 / 3 years ago
Random Fact #86

when there’s rum raisin ice cream in the house, i never eat the raisins. the raisins always get really hard and weird. i only eat the ice cream. cuz, i mean, c’mon. it has rum in it.

2011 May 12 / 3 years ago
Random Fact #85

i want to design my own house in the future. that’s why i was/am so interested in architecture.

2011 May 12 / 3 years ago
  1. i am not a big fan of soda, but i love junk food and take my metabolism for granted.
  2. i am allergic to grass and pollen, among other things.
  3. manga was my first love.
  4. the library is like a second home.
  5. i hope to pursue something art-related in the future.
  6. when i hold a pencil, it rests on my ring finger, not my middle finger.
  7. i do not hold chopsticks the way you are actually supposed to.
  8. i have a card that certifies me as a boyscout.
  9. volunteering is actually fun for me.
  10. volleyball saved my life.